Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom10

Main charactersGringWoodin Ima-chanMajolainePrincess of Water KingdomStory so farStory so farGring and his friends nally managed to meet the princess and reported that Mizuneko was abducted by a monster. They became aware that it was Walwarl, the princess' personal aendant, who made the witch alert. It was then that Walwarl knocked on the door to the Princess’ room.You can read the previous issues of this comic on the website of the Asahi Glass Foundation. (You can nd the URL on the nal page).I’m coming!ThumpThumpPrincess! I have been talking to you for a while! I thought I heard someone talking...?I’m sorry! I was practicing my speech at the birthday party!Really?You aren’t trying to sneak out of the castle again, do you...?No, no. Not at all!ShakeShakeHmm... Well! Your birthday party starts soon. Please be a good girl till then.BangBangStaring...Staring...