Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom2

I see. I didn't know what the Water Kingdom was going through... If I can be of any help, I'm glad to listen to her story. Oh, you... Dr. Imai was saying something about Woodin. I'm very color... odd?...? acquaint ... Oh no! It's broken! What shall I do?Me...?Snap.TSCHHHH ... TSCHHH...TSCHHHH ... TSCHHH...Dr. Imai noticed something. Then come with us to see Dr. Imai, and ask her in person!Gring and Woodin met Water-Cat from the Water Kingdom while playing near the river. Water-Cat was very troubled about the Kingdom. From the magic leer he had received, Ima-Spider, the gatekeeper for Dr. Imai, appeared and asked a question. Gring and his friends answered it correctly and were, thus, allowed to talk with Dr. Imai via a television.Ima-SpiderWater-CatGringWoodinMain charactersBut the TV went out of order, and they couldn't hear what she was saying.The line was broken while they were still talking. As you see, we don't know what we can do anymore. Dr. Imai, please visit the Water Kingdom to listen to what our princess has to say.The story so farThe story so far