Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom 3

Main charactersGringWoodinWater-CatIma-SpiderThe story so farThe story so farGring, Woodin, and Water-Cat from the Water Kingdom are traveling to see Dr. Imai to discuss the monsters aacking the Water Kingdom and the pale look of Woodin. Ima-Spider, the gatekeeper for Dr. Imai, brought them to Minami-chan. He gave them magical coats and other gear for mountain climbing. Now they are heading to the mountain home of Dr. Imai.Gring and his friends arrive at a river.Awwwww! There is no ice. We can't cross the river!Sob...This river is usually frozen, so we could have walked on the ice... But it seems the ice melted because of global warming.I heard the white bears in the Ice Kingdom are in big trouble and are losing their homes as the ice melts.Yes, indeed.This problem isnot just about riversbut also the oceans.White bears are losingtheir food andthe playgroundfor their ospring.