Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom4

Haven't seen you for ages, Kota, the bigfoot! These are my friends! Didn't know the spider knew you! Sigh What's the maer? * Magical heavy-duty coat is a coat fending o cold weather which they got from Minami-chan the inventorMinami-chanWe are here because... and... then... We are not cold! I think it's because of the Magical heavy-duty coat! I see. I'll bring you to the house of Dr. Imai. Kota, the bigfoot does it mean you are the gate keeper of secret path working for Dr. Imai? Good! Kota, the bigfoot, I trust you with them! We have cleaning of the river to do! Let's go home!!King of Kappa? You don't mean... now? Hahaha!! Farewell! Just like that, Kappappa people are gone... He's a tough man... There is a door to Dr. Imai's, and it's only a short walk from here. Let's go togetherThank you!!