Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom4

Main charactersGringWoodinWater-CatIma-SpiderThe story so farThe story so farOn the way to visit Dr. Imai, Gring and his friends met the Kappappa people, the water spirit. They told them how to clean the river, which made them friends. From the new friends, they learned that the body of a Kappappa turned , just like what happened to Woodin, so they decided to go see it.You can read the previous issues of this comic on the website of the Asahi Glass Foundation (You can nd the URL on the nal page).I saw something moving...What?So... you can... see me...Hey! Lower your head! You are in the presence of the River Fairy!Afairy!? As you say!As you say!Tremble!!Tremble!!