Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom4

This necklace contains the voices of sh. It's my responsibility to deliver them to the other people. Wow, what an amazing stone! But why do you know we are going to visit Dr. Imai? You were drowning in the river. The shes read your memory then and told me.Now anyone can see me, but I'm normally visible only to Kappappa people... There are horrible fairy hunters in the outside world, and if they nd us, we River Fairies will be extinct ... Hunters!? So scary... Unforgivable! Okay! I promise to deliver the voice of the shes to Dr. Imai!! Ah! You are one courageous rabbit! There was nothing wrong with my judgment. I want to show my gratitude! I'll give you this if you can correctly answer my quiz! Here it comes!