Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom4

Correct! If you discard food and oil from the kitchen, the oxygen in the water decreases and the sh can't breathe ...By wiping o the oil before washing the dishes or preparing the right amount of food and beverages, you can reduce the amount of polluted water going down the drain! Reference: Guidebook on domestic wastewater "The Importance of Domestic Wastewater Countermeasures" on the Ministry of the Environment Japan Website Water that has been used to wash rice is rich in nutrients, so you can water plants with it as a good fertilizer.I didn't know that!Now... this is yours! It's a "Crest of a Friend," which is handed down from father to son in the River Fairy family. This is a very special badge as we do not make many friends. After all, people can't see us.Bye now. Take care!Thank you!Good bye! Hey, you guys are good! You see, the badge looks like my crown. Actually, it's quite a feat! From ancient times, we have been the only ones who have befriended the River Fairy!