Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom5

On the way to see Dr. Imai to discuss the Water Kingdom, Gring and his friends met Kota, the bigfoot, the gatekeeper to the secret path, and arrived at the doorstep of Dr. Imai’s house.KotaYou can read back issues on the Asahi Glass Foundation Web Page listed on the last page.Are we??Here we are.Gring and friends arrived at quite a rocky place.They looked the rocks closely...There are various symbols!Then Woodin found a rock with some writing.Look! There is something wrien here!What do plants need to grow?You should choose the answers from these symbols! You need to answer correctly to be allowed to enter.Let’s work together!The story so farThe story so farMain charactersGringWoodinWater-CatIma-Spider