Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom5

She is lile Ima, the talking doll that shares my knowledge. When you have a problem, talk to her. You will nd her helpful.Dr. Imai! We brought the stone necklace and magical heavy-duty coat for you!Lile Ima…*The stone necklace contains the voices of sh.Oh! Thank you! So you met Kawajii - elf, and Minami-chan! They are interesting persons, aren’t they?How do you think?Read the fourth issue! By the way, you discussed and gured out the right answers at the rock entrance. That’s something! The answers were denitely an important thing to know.Plants take in sunlight and suck up water from the soil to grow. The water evaporates to the sky from the leaves. When the moisture in the air comes together, it rains. This means, when a forest disappears, the area may become a desert.Wemust cherish plants!The inventor who created the magical heavy-duty coat (appeared in the second issue)Minami-chanThe possessor of the stone necklace (appeared in the fourth issue)Kawajii -elf