Please ... don't let us encounter a monster ....I see something!Let's hurry!There was something appears to be a door!Just then, a mysterious shadow was sneaking from behind them The answers for the spot the dierences gameThe next issue will be published sometime around OctoberTo be continued... To be continued... 1. Kawajii doing grati on a signboard; 2. Kota making a large sound; 3. Kappa liering; 4. Gring having dumplings instead of meat; 5. King of Kappa wearing a straw hat instead of crown; 6. The ower near the King of Kappa having been changed into lier; 7. Kappa throwing away his juice; 8. Morrie not wearing his cap; 9. Bonre; 10. Running water; 11. Squirrel holding a watermelon.Gring and Woodin's Adventurein Water Kingdom 6August 2014, The Asahi Glass FoundationThe Asahi Glass Foundation