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2013 (22nd)
Blue Planet Prize Winners

The winners of 2013(22nd)

Dr. Taroh Matsuno

Dr. Taroh Matsuno

Professor Daniel Sperling

Professor Daniel Sperling

Dr. Taroh Matsuno (Japan)

Born in 1934
Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

Professor Dasgupta's pioneering work on welfare economics and environmental economics unified the concepts of intergenerational equity and sustainable development and pointed to their equivalence. He also pioneered the study of rural poverty in developing countries in the context of a deteriorating environmental resource base; and thereby brought together previously disparate fields: development economics and environmental economics. In a wide ranging book on human well-being and the natural environment he showed that the coin by which economic progress should be judged is a comprehensive measure of a nation's wealth, and not GDP or the many ad hoc indicators of well-being in common use today. He has used those findings to develop an ideal system of national economic accounts, which is being implemented in India and several other countries. His lifelong aim of bringing nature seamlessly into economic reasoning has had a huge impact on contemporary thinking.

Dr. Taroh Matsuno
Lecture record

Lecture record

youtubeLecture Looking Back at Research Projecting Global Warming and Climate Variance in Japan

Lecture Looking Back at Research Projecting Global Warming and Climate Variance in Japan

Professor Daniel Sperling (USA)

Born in 1951
Professor, University of California, Davis

Prof. Sperling is recognized internationally as a leading expert on transportation, technology, fuels assessment, and policy, with a focus on energy and the environment. He has devoted his career to mitigating climate change and accelerating the global transition to cleaner, more efficient transportation and energy.

Professor Daniel Sperling
Lecture record

Lecture record

youtubeLecture An Innovative Path to Sustainable Transportation

Lecture An Innovative Path to Sustainable Transportation

  • Information on past Blue Planet Prize laureates corresponds to their titles and positions at the time Prize was awarded.
  • Each year the prize winners give lectures at the "Blue Planet Prize Commemorative Lecture".
  • Every five years, lectures together with essays are compiled and published in a periodical book titled "A Better Future for the Planet Earth".
  • The video of the lectures are available only from 2009.

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