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About the Candidate Nominations

Blue Planet Prize


Person who has registered the Asahi Glass Foundation database. For those who wish to nominate somebody for the prize, please contact us at bpp@ (image) for the regulation and procedure of the nomination.


The Blue Planet Prize recognizes outstanding individuals or organizations for their theoretical and practical achievements in furthering the vision of a sustainable society by means of observation, analysis, prediction, assessment, remediation, and the implementation of good practices. The Candidate’s work will have contributed significantly towards solutions in the areas of conservation, restoration of the global environment, and other aspects of global environmental problems.

Candidacy Eligibility

  • The award is open to individuals, groups of individuals, and organizations.
  • Living citizens of all nations, irrespective of gender or religion, are eligible for the Blue Planet Prize.
  • The candidate shall be a person of good conduct.
    * Self-nomination is not accepted.

Selection Process

  • Each year, from August to October, nominations are accepted from nominators around the world.
  • The Selection Committee meets several times over an approximate six-month period to choose candidates. The candidates are then passed on to the Presentation Committee for its opinion and approval. Next, the Board of Directors reach a final decision on who the winners shall be.
  • ( To maintain strict confidentiality during the selection of candidates, the Foundation will not provide information pertaining to the screening of candidates or their progress during the selection process. )