The Environmental Doomsday Clock The Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind

About "The Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind"


The realization of sustainable development has never been more necessary than today for humankind to continue to prosper and develop. It requires us to resolve global environmental problems, in particular global warming, and calls for a collective effort on the part of human beings to gather their deepest wisdom. Since the Earth Summit, which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the Asahi Glass Foundation has conducted an annual survey--"Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind"--comprised of questions to experts worldwide knowledgeable on the subject. The questionnaire solicits their knowledge and diverse opinions and publishes the results in a report.

Facts about the Questionnaire

Response period
Questionnaires are sent out in April with a return deadline of May 31 every year.
Questionnaire respondent pool
Environmental experts selected from members of government organizations,academic institutions, NGOs, corporations, and mass media (based on the Asahi Glass Foundation database).
Announcement of the survey results
September, every year.
The report is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Becoming a respondent

Global measures are indispensable in conserving the global environment, and so it is important for us to deepen the level of common awareness and understanding amongst the people of the world towards resolving environmental problems, and to develop cooperative relationships.
It is for this reason that we continue our activities, however insignificant they may be, in gathering and announcing details of the environmental awareness and opinions of people with high levels of interest and concern for the global environment.
Period of Questionnaires is April 1 to May 31 every year.
The survey should take approximately about 10 minutes to complete.
We would be grateful if you could complete the survey.

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