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2019 (28th)
Blue Planet Prize Laureates

The laureates of 2019(28th)

Prof. Eric Lambin

Prof. Eric Lambin

Prof. Jared Diamond

Prof. Jared Diamond

Prof. Eric Lambin (Belgium)

Born in 1962
Professor, Université catholique de Louvain
George and Setsuko Ishiyama Provostial Professor, Stanford University

He has clarified the land use changes taking place on a global scale, the effects on ecosystems and the effectiveness of policies, using satellite remote sensing technologies and his original method of time-series analysis. From early on, he has pointed out that land use changes are causing adverse effects globally on natural systems. He has explained the relationship between economic activities and land use by linking socioeconomic data. His research activities have significantly influenced how public authorities and private enterprises develop land use policies for conserving forests. Those research findings have provided scientific support for making the most of forest certification programs, for implementing green purchasing commitments, and for promoting green procurement. He has made great contributions by stimulating the adoption of concrete interventions and practices to improve the sustainability of socioeconomic activities from the individual to the global scales.

Prof. Eric Lambin
youtube【2019 Blue Planet Prize Winner】Prof. Eric Lambin

Short Introduction of Prof. Lambin

youtube2019(28th)Prof.Eric Lambin

Mini-biography video of Prof. Lambin



youtube【2019 Prof. Eric Lambin (Tokyo)】Scaling up solutions for sustainable land use

Lecture-Tokyo Scaling up solutions for sustainable land use

youtube【2019 Prof. Eric Lambin (Kyoto)】Scaling up solutions for sustainable land use

Lecture-Kyoto Scaling up solutions for sustainable land use

Prof. Lambin's Fun School

(Comic) Prof. Lambin's Fun School

Professor Eric Lambin ©

Global environmental sustainability - Prizewinning work of Eric Lambin

Environmental problems can definitely be solved. The joint statement is a message of hope for young people

Prof. Jared Diamond (USA)

Born in 1937
Professor, Department of Geography, University of California, Los Angeles
Non-fiction author

His ideas and arguments presented in his trilogy, Guns, Germs, and Steel, Collapse, and The World Until Yesterday, include civilization theory, organizational theory, and society theory, and were created as a result of his exceptional intellectual explorations. They provide deep insight into the roots of today's environmental issues from a very broad perspective, explaining the significance of environmental issues in the history of human civilization from a unique perspective. In Collapse, he has listed 12 items as major factors in global environmental issues. He has regarded environmental issues as fundamental to any study of human history. Based on this concept, he has influenced the consciousness of contemporary civilization across nations and generations toward a mindset of thinking about the next steps for civilization. These achievements of Professor Diamond are highly appreciated.

Prof. Jared Diamond
youtube【2019 Blue Planet Prize Winner】Prof. Jared Diamond

Short Introduction of Prof. Diamond

youtube2019(28th)Prof.Jared Diamond

Mini-biography video of Prof. Diamond



youtube【2019 Prof. Jared Diamond (Tokyo)】Environment and History

Lecture-Tokyo Environment and History

youtube【2019 Prof. Jared Diamond (Kyoto)】Environment and History

Lecture -Kyoto Environment and History

Prof. Diamond's Fun School

(Comic) Prof. Diamond's Fun School

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