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2017 (26th)
Blue Planet Prize Laureates

The laureates of 2017(26th)

Prof. Hans J. Schellnhuber

Prof. Hans J. Schellnhuber

Prof. Gretchen C. Daily

Prof. Gretchen C. Daily

Prof. Hans J. Schellnhuber (Germany)

Born in 1950
Founder and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Prof. Schellnhuber heads the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). He is also the founder of the Institute. He has helped establish a new field of science, "Earth System Analysis, which uses mathematical models to integrate interdisciplinary resources into providing a planet-wide view. His activities eventually created a torrent of measures against global warming worldwide, resulting in the 2-degree guardrail agreed upon by more than 190 countries at the UN climate summit COP21 in 2015. Prof. Schellnhuber and the PIK have played a central role in this field for many years.

Prof. Hans J. Schellnhuber
youtubeMini-biography video of Prof. Schellnhuber

Mini-biography video of Prof. Schellnhuber



youtubeLecture Out of the Ice, into the Fire?

Lecture Out of the Ice, into the Fire?

Prof. Schellnhuber's Fun School

(Comic) Prof. Schellnhuber's Fun School

Prof. Gretchen C. Daily (USA)

Born in 1964
Bing Professor of Environmental Science in the Department of Biology, Director of the Center for Conservation Biology, and Senior Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute, at Stanford University
Co-Founder and Faculty Director of the Natural Capital Project

Prof. Daily has studied the effects of human activities on the biosphere, based on field work of many years. She has played the major role in the creation and development of a new interdisciplinary field of environmental science called "Countryside Biogeography. She is making significant contributions to our understanding of biodiversity, by predicting various species likelihood of surviving human impacts and analyzing the future of ecosystems and the implications for human well-being, especially from the standpoint of agricultural land use. She has incorporated environmental issues into business practices and public policies in worldwide.

Prof. Gretchen C. Daily
youtubeMini-biography video of Prof. Daily

Mini-biography video of Prof. Daily



youtubeLecture Harmonizing People and Nature

Lecture Harmonizing People and Nature

Prof. Daily's Fun School

(Comic) Prof. Daily's Fun School

  • Information on past Blue Planet Prize laureates corresponds to their titles and positions at the time Prize was awarded.
  • Each year the prize winners give lectures at the "Blue Planet Prize Commemorative Lecture".
  • Every five years, lectures together with essays are compiled and published in a periodical book titled "A Better Future for the Planet Earth".
  • The video of the lectures are available only from 2009.

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