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2020 (29th)
Blue Planet Prize Laureates

The laureates of 2020(29th)

Prof. David Tilman

Prof. David Tilman

Dr. Simon Stuart

Dr. Simon Stuart

Prof. David Tilman (USA)

Born in 1949
Regents Professor, University of Minnesota
Distinguished Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

He has studied health and environmental impacts of agriculture and of dietary choices and demonstrated that while plant-based foods are beneficial to human health and the environment, red meats negatively affect both human health and the environment. Recognizing the tightly-linked diet-health-environment trilemma as a global challenge, he has advocated shifts towards diets and agricultural practices that are better for human health and the global environment.

Prof. David Tilman
youtube2020(29th)Prof. David Tilman

Short Introduction of Prof. Tilman

Biography Prof. Tilman


youtube【Interviews with the Winners】Prof. David Tilman

Interview with the Winner

Prof. Tilman's Fun School

(Comic) Prof. Tilman's Fun School

Declining biodiversity: We must change our agricultural practices and eating habits to halt the extinction crisis

2020 Blue Planet Prize special Site

Dr. Simon Stuart (UK)

Born in 1956
Director of Strategic Conservation at Synchronicity Earth
Former Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission

He led the development of the categories and quantitative criteria for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and contributed significantly to the expansion of the number of species assessed. This strong scientific basis has established the Red List as the most reliable, widely used data on species extinction risk. Also, conceiving and leading the Global Amphibian Assessment, he warned that the decline in the number of amphibians indicates that not only their habitats but also the surrounding ecosystems are deteriorating.

Dr. Simon Stuart
youtube2020(29th)Dr. Simon Stuart

Short Introduction of Dr. Stuart

Biography Dr. Stuart


youtube【Interviews with the Winners】Dr. Simon Stuart

Interview with the Winner

Dr. Stuart's Fun School

(Comic) Dr. Stuart's Fun School

2020 Blue Planet Prize special Site
  • Information on past Blue Planet Prize laureates corresponds to their titles and positions at the time Prize was awarded.
  • Each year the prize winners give lectures at the "Blue Planet Prize Commemorative Lecture".
  • Every five years, lectures together with essays are compiled and published in a periodical book titled "A Better Future for the Planet Earth".
  • The video of the lectures are available only from 2009.

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