Feb.4,5 (UTC) - A notice of the broadcasting program of 2020 Blue Planet Prize

February 01, 2021

OUR BLUE PLANET -Biodiversity Fosters the Global Future-

OUR BLUE PLANET - Biodiversity Fosters the Global Future - will be broadcasted on February 4, 5 (UTC).
(This program is not available in Japan.)

The 2020 winners of the Blue Planet Prize are ecologist Prof. David Tilman and biologist Dr. Stuart Simon.

Professor David Tilman verified that the productivity and stability of a whole ecosystem rises as diversity increases. He thoroughly investigated the considerable impact that conventional agriculture has had on ecosystems and the global environment.

Professor Tilman continues making proposals on the way that global society should be in order to maintain ecosystem diversity.

Dr. Simon Stuart was a central figure in the development of the 1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

As a member of the team that was creating new categories and criteria for the Red List, he conducted thorough hearings with experts in many fields, including botany, zoology, earth science, marine science, insects and fungi, and worked towards the creation of criteria to deal with the various factors that can lead a species to extinction.

With the aim of helping to create a society in which humans and nature can live together, Dr. Stuart is now playing an active role at a UK-based conservation charity and donor organization which provides wildlife conservation activities with funds and information.

Their research and contributions to global environmental issues will be introduced.

Schedule (UTC)

Feb. 4, 2021   23:30-24:00
Feb. 5, 2021   5:30-6:00 12:30-13:00 17:30-18:00
(Video streaming will be available on February 5)

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In case you missed it, you can watch it on our web page by the end of March: https://www.af-info.or.jp/en/blueplanet/broadcasting.html

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